Honors Program Courses

Here is a list of Honors Courses that RACC offers. Full course descriptions are available in our online catalog. Honors students can also explore a wide variety of additional topics through independent study and enrichment of standard college courses. Please see the schedule of which courses are offered in each semester.

Spring and Summer 2015 Honors Courses

  • ANT 200 Intercultural Communication
  • ANT/PSY/HIS 255 Interpreting Lives: Rites of Passage, Personal History, and the Life Cycle
  • ANT 285 Ethnographic Research (Honors)
  • BUS 240 International Business
  • COM 122 English Composition (Honors)
  • COM 132 Composition & Literature (Honors)
  • COM 152 Fundamentals of Speech (Honors)
  • ENV 131 The Environment
  • HON 101 Introduction to College Studies (Honors)
  • HUM 281 Leadership Development Studies
  • MAT 151 Foundations of Math (Honors)
  • PHI 276 Intro to Ethics (Honors)
  • PSY 131 General Psychology (Honors)
  • SOC 131 Sociology

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