Business Division

The Business Division offers programs in Accounting, Business Management, Culinary Arts, Electronic Health Records, Information Technology, Office Technology and Website Development. Each curriculum combines hands-on problem solving experiences built upon a solid foundation of applied theory, giving students the best possible background for pursuing a career or transferring to a four-year program.

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Staff/Faculty Specialization Room Ext.
Linda Bell Assistant Dean P218/P219 5168
Wendy Bonn Assistant Professor (Accounting) P223 5167
Mark Chester Assistant Professor (Business) P109 5233
Elizabeth Dentzer Assistant Professor (Information Technology) P124 5160
Catherine Faller Assistant Professor (Office Technology) P121 5172
Bette Keeny Instructor (Office Technology) P111 5174
Dr. Sandra Kern Professor (Management) P222 5164
Mary Lou Kline Professor (Management) P222 5165
Dr. JoAnn Rawley Instructor (Business) P223 5166
Janine Tiffany Assistant Professor (Information Technology) P124 5310
Deby Delgado-Evans Administrative Specialist P221 6215

Communications, Arts and Humanities Division

The Communications, Arts and Humanities Division offers a flexible program of study preparing students for transfer to a four-year institution's Communications, Humanities, Liberal Arts, or Fine Arts program. The Division also provides communications and humanities elective courses that are essential to the general education core and, therefore, to the graduation requirements of all programs offered at Reading Area Community College.

Additionally, the College's English as a Second Language (ESL) program is housed in this division. The ESL program offers credit-bearing courses for bilingual (speaking English and another language) and non-native English speaking students (speaking English as a second or third language).

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Staff/Faculty Specialization Room Ext.
Stephanie J. Andersen Instructor (Writing) Y110 5085
Kevin Coots Assistant Dean Y106 5093
Dr. C. L. Costello Instructor B601 5088
Joey Flamm Costello Instructor (Writing and Literature) Y110 5087
Dr. Bahar Diken Associate Professor (Writing) Y111 5035
Susan Duby Assistant Professor (Art) B605 5090
Kristie Hudzik Administrative Specialist Y105 6216
Dr. Jessica Hughes Assistant Professor (Speech Communications) B600 5252
Alexis Jardine Associate Professor (Spanish) Y108 5091
Marjorie Kerbel Assistant Professor (Reading) B601 5089
David Leight Professor (Writing and Literature) Y109 5086
Eleisha Moreno Interim ESL Program Coordinator Y104 5094
Crystal Schilthuis Assistant Professor (ESL) Y104 5095
Dwight Rinehart Assistant Professor (Reading/Study Skills) B600 5097

Science and Mathematics Division

Math Lab Hours

The Science and Mathematics Division offers programs in the natural sciences and the technologies. College transfer programs and career programs make up the Division and provide students with a wide range of choices. The acquisition of employable skills and then development of an appropriate academic base for further study allow the student flexibility in the development of career goals.

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Staff/Faculty Specialization Room Ext.
Jane Blanchard Administrative Specialist B402 6217
Lynette Davis Assistant Professor (Biology) B401 5047
Tamie Dickson Assistant Professor (Mathematics) B400 5138
Kathy McCann Evans Professor (Biology)
Nanoscience Coordinator
B404 5144
Craig Fenn Instructor (Microbiology) B401 5150
Dr. Narayanan Kamprath Professor (Physics) B404 5145
Dr. Tricia Lewis Assistant Professor B400 5468
Dr. Gloria Oikelome Assistant Dean B403 5181
Lara Rosenberger Assistant Professor (Mathematics) B400 5140
Heather Schongar Assistant Professor (Biology) B401 5149
Math Learning Center Math Lab Hours B506 5125

Social Sciences and Human Services Division

The Social Sciences and Human Services Division offers programs for career preparation and transfer as well as courses that supplement programs offered by other Divisions. Programs of career study prepare students for work in both public and private agencies that provide an expanding range of human services. College transfer programs prepare students to go into four-year colleges and universities to pursue more extensive training in the social sciences and human services.

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Staff/Faculty Specialization Room Ext.
Carol Bean-Ritter Associate Professor B519 5137
Dr. Pamela Blakely Professor (Anthropology/Honors Program) B513 5452
Danelle Bower Associate Professor (Social Work/Sociology) B513 5451
Dr. David Brant Professor (Psychology) B520 5450
Dr. Robin Eckert Interim Assistant Dean (Social Work/Human Services) B500 5253
Jodi Greene Assistant Professor (History/Political Science) B521 5454
Nancy Jackson Instructor (Early Childhood Education) B154 5263
Daniel Miraflor, JD Associate Professor (Criminal Justice) B518 5456
Barbara Mutzel Administrative Specialist B500 5021
Sandra Reyher Instructor (Addiction Studies/Psychology) B517 5453
Dr. Lucia Torchia-Thompson Professor (Psychology/Secondary Education) B508 5455