Dual Admissions

Planning to complete an associate degree at RACC and then transfer to a four-year college or university to complete a bachelor's degree? Consider participating in one of our dual admissions agreements.

By applying to RACC and one of our partner four-year schools at the same time through one of our dual admission agreements, you can maximize the transferability of your courses and have a smoother transition to your four-year school. Some of the agreements have extra benefits, like the ability to take classes at the partner school while still enrolled at RACC, or the opportunity to qualify for great scholarships once you complete your degree at RACC.

While you are completing your first two years at RACC, you can receive additional support needed for success. This includes free tutoring, advising, financial aid assistance and small classroom sizes that are hallmarks of community colleges. You will also work with faculty who are specialists in your chosen field.

RACC has dual admissions agreements with the following four-year institutions:

Albright University

Alvernia University

Bloomsburg University

Kutztown University

Millersville University

St Joseph's Unversity

Temple University

Details on those agreements can be obtained from Transfer Services in Berks Hall, Room 209.

In order to qualify, you must sign a Dual Admissions form by the time you complete a certain number of college credits. Each four-year school has different requirements, so make sure you read about each agreement before signing. Because these agreements are designed to provide additional opportunities for students who make an early commitment to transferring a specific college, you may only have one active Dual Admissions agreement on file.

Along with our Dual Admissions partners, RACC credits transfer to many other four-year colleges and universities. See a list of our Articulation Agreements and Transfer Guides on our Transfer Services website.