Dual Admissions Agreement with Kutztown

Planning to transfer to Kutztown University after completing your Associate Degree at RACC? RACC's Dual Admissions agreement with Kutztown University can help you get there!

The Dual Admissions agreement with Kutztown University ensures that you will be accepted to Kutztown University after completing an Associate of Art, Associate of Science, or Associate of General Studies degree at RACC if you meet the following conditions:

  • Complete the Dual Admission Intent Letter when you apply to RACC or before you complete 44 college credits. Students who start at RACC having completed more than 44 college credits at other colleges are not eligible.
  • Graduate RACC with a minimum GPA of 2.0 for most majors.
    are students going into the following majors at Kutztown University: the College of Education (3.0 GPA); the College of Visual and Performing Arts which requires a portfolio for the visual arts programs (Fine Arts, Crafts, Communication Design, Art Education, and Applied Digital Arts) or an audition for the Music and Music Education programs, and a 3.0 GPA for the majors of Communication Design, Art Education, and Music Education; the major of Psychology (2.5 GPA); the major of Criminal Justice (2.5 GPA); the major of Biology/Pre-Med (2.75 GPA); and, the major of Computer Science (2.25 GPA).
  • Meet all regular Kutztown University transfer requirements including any admissions requirements for the major.

For students who qualify for this Dual Admissions agreement, Kutztown University will:

  • Waive the admission application fee.
  • Waive placement tests
  • Accept the general education requirements embedded in the RACC Associate of Arts and Associate of Science degrees and apply these requirements in their entirety towards Kutztown University's general education requirements, which currently consist of university core requirements, university distribution requirements, and college distribution requirements.
  • Provide you an opportunity to meet with a Kutztown University representative prior to graduating from RACC.
  • Consider you for an academic scholarship. Kutztown University will award one $1000 academic scholarship and one $500 academic scholarship to students admitted to Kutztown University through the Dual Admissions agreement. One full-time Kutztown University student with a 3.5-4.00 final RACC GPA will receive a $1000 scholarship and one full-time Kutztown University student with a final 3.25-3.49 final RACC GPA will receive a $500 scholarship. Both scholarships may be renewed each year contingent upon the recipients maintaining a minimum GPA of 3.0 at Kutztown University.
  • Ensure that Dual Admissions students graduating in the Honors Program at RACC are invited to the Honors Program at Kutztown University. These students must maintain a minimum 3.25 GPA and will have completed at least 12 credits in Honors at RACC

Steps for Enrollment in Dual Admissions Program

  1. Visit RACC Transfer Services to fill out a Dual Admission Intent Letter before completing 44 college credits. You will be pre-screened to make sure you are eligible for the program.
  2. Submit a completed Kutztown University Application for Admission once you've completed 45 credits, or three to six months before the start of the semester in which you plan to attend Kutztown University.
  3. Request that official transcripts from RACC and any other college you have attended, as well as from your high school, be sent to Kutztown University.

Dual admissions agreements are non-binding for students. If you decide not to attend Kutztown University after signing an Intent Letter, you can cancel your Dual Admissions agreement by sending written notification to both Kutztown University and RACC.

To enroll in this program, please complete a Dual Admission Intent Letter, available from RACC Transfer Services in Berks Hall, Room 209.

For additional information, stop by RACC Transfer Services.