Collaborate via ANGEL


  1. What is Collaborate ?
    Collaborate is a web-conferencing tool to facilitate live multimedia sessions. It is used by instructors to conduct live office hours, orientation, or class lectures so that students/participants from remote locations can attend these sessions via the Internet through Collaborate.

  2. Do I need a separate username and password for a Collaborate session?
    No, you don’t. The sessions are created and set in your courses in ANGEL.

  3. My instructor set up a Collaborate session in my course in ANGEL, how do I access it?
    There are two ways you can access a Collaborate session:
    • Access your course and click on the Communicate tab. Look at the Elluminate Live! section and click on the link for the scheduled Collaborate session.
    • Access your course and click on the Calendar tab. Click on the scheduled Collaborate session and then, click on the “Launch Meeting” link.

    Once you have launched the meeting, the session download will begin and you will be prompted to install and accept the session. You can also watch the “Accessing a Collaborate session in ANGEL” video tutorial.

  4. Do I need special software?
    Collaborate uses Java so you need to make sure Java is installed in your computer. If you have accessed and used ANGEL successfully, it is very likely that your computer already has installed all the necessary plugins including Java. However to ensure Java is installed on your computer, click on this Test for Java link. If you need Java, click on the Computer Requirements page and click on the Java plugin link.

  5. Do I need special equipment?
    No, as long as your computer has speakers so you can hear your instructor or facilitator, you can participate in a Collaborate session through a chat. However, to take full advantage of the collaborative capabilities during a session, a headset with a microphone is strongly recommended. Also, a webcam can be used if you want to be seen during the session.

  6. Is there a tutorial I can review?
    You can watch the Collaborate Orientation video tutorial to become familiar with its various features and functions. You can also review the Collaborate Student Orientation guide.

  7. Can I test my computer capabilities in a Collaborate session?
    You can access this Configuration Room to test your connection, settings, and configure your audio/video capabilities.

    Tips for a successful session.

  • Find a quiet and comfortable place.
  • Watch the Collaborate Orientation video tutorial.
  • Test your audio and microphone.
  • Access the Configuration Room and test your connection and settings.
  • Stop running other applications on your computer (e.g., iTunes, etc.) or accessing other multimedia websites (e.g., YouTube, etc.).
  • Join your session 5-10 minutes prior to the start and greet your instructor/facilitator and peers.

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