Campus Health and Safety

Reading Area Community College publishes an annual crime report in compliance with the Clery Act. A copy of the crime report is mailed to every student, and placed in the mailbox of every staff and faculty member. Additional copies are also kept on campus in case a student or employee requests an additional copy.

Since RACC does not have on campus student housing, we are not required to have a missing person's procedure. However, if there were an emergency where a student, staff, or faculty member was discovered to be missing, the information would be reported to the Vice President for Enrollment Management/Student Services' office at 610-607-6255. From there, depending on the individual situation, the appropriate parties would be notified; most likely including the local police, campus security, any staff or faculty involved with the missing person, and the emergency contact listed in the student's admissions file or employee's personnel file. In most cases of missing persons, however, someone off campus is aware of the situation before the college.

Emergency response information is posted in all classrooms and offices on campus. The posting is a large bright yellow laminated page with printing on one side. The same information has been distributed via e-mail and print to all college employees. The campus also has the "E2Campus" alert system. Anyone can register, and all emergency information (as well as school closings) will be sent to the registrant by the method(s) they indicate.

Our campus does not have student housing, so we are not required to publish a fire safety report. We are inspected for compliance with fire code periodically, and reports are kept. Any inquiries concerning compliance with fire codes or official fire safety reports can be requested through the Business Division, and will be considered on an individual basis.

The school does not require vaccinations for all students. Some of our medical programs require certain vaccinations in order to participate in clinical. Any student whose program requires vaccinations for participation are informed of the requirements by their program director.

Other campus safety information can also be found on our website under the section heading of Campus Safety.