A Dream Leads to a Plan

Emily Myers

Emily Myers' love and passion for horses inspired her submission for the annual Greater Reading Chamber of Commerce & Industry's Business Idea Challenge and earned her a 5th place award.

The competition, open to students from each of the five Berks County colleges and universities, required students to come up with a business idea and then present a marketing strategy and other business information. Emily, a student in Professor Mary Lou Kline's Principles of Marketing class, presented one of about 16 ideas in the competition.

Her presentation, Saddle Rose Ranch, LLC focused on giving the community a place to board their horses, learn proper riding skills, and train their young horses.

The business idea with horses was sparked by my passion for working with horses and having the privilege to own my own," said Emily. "About three years ago, I had three horses. I ended up selling two being I was right out of high school and didn't have a steady job at the time."

Emily is graduating from RACC in May with degrees in accounting and business management. She was employed seasonally at the Berks County Earned Income Tax Office and is now looking for a permanent position in her field, while also exploring the options for her horse farm.