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Safety and Security

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Parking Lot Security Booth

The Office of Safety and Security is led by a director reporting to the Senior Vice President of Finance & Administrative Services. In addition, the office works very closely with the Vice President for Enrollment Management/Student Services and the Reading City Police Department to create a campus environment that is both safe and secure. Campus Security works to prevent crime, provides highly visible security patrols and responds quickly to the needs of students and staff. Security officers are in constant contact with the Office of Safety and Security, the switchboard operator, and each other by business band radio and cell phone.

The College security force is comprised of two supervisors and uniformed guards who report to the Director of Safety and Security. Additional security guards are placed into service on an as needed basis. The Office of Safety and Security is located in Berks Hall, Room 159.

The Office of Security cooperates with police agencies and maintains an excellent working relationship with the City of Reading Police, who assist as needed. All crimes involving violence, major property loss, or any felony are immediately reported by the Office of Safety and Security to the City Police. All crime statistics are recorded on forms and in the format required by the Pennsylvania State Police.

Students, faculty, staff and guests are encouraged to report any crime or suspicious incidents to the Office of Safety and Security or one of the security guards. A guard will immediately be dispatched to the scene, where he or she will evaluate the situation and contact the necessary authorities. In the event of an emergency or criminal incident, prompt notification is made to the campus community through appropriate administrators.

The College employs several professional counselors who provide information to students on how to appropriately report any crime to the Office of Safety and Security. Additionally, campus safety and security issues are discussed at all orientation programs, College Success Strategies courses required of freshmen students, student publications and the Student Handbook.

Director of Safety and Security

James W. Surgeoner
Berks Hall Room 159
- office
484-955-5741 - cell

Mr. Surgeoner joined RACC in the Spring of 2013 with 29 years of experience as a police officer for Spring Township. The last 11 years of his career were spent assigned to the Wilson School District as the School Resource Officer.┬áMr. Surgeoner is a graduate of Shippensburg University, holding a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice with an emphasis on law enforcement and graduated from the Pennsylvania State Police Academy in 1984.

Command Security Corporation Web Site

Emergency Telephone Numbers

In the event of an on-campus emergency, students and staff can contact the Office of Safety and Security by dialing extension 6291 from any campus telephone including the red phones located in the hallways throughout campus buildings.

Emergency Red Phone
Important and Emergency Telephone
Numbers at RACC
On-Campus Off-Campus
Security Services Ext 6291 484-955-2946
Switchboard Dial "0" 610-372-4721
Berks Hall Security Office Ext 5098 610-372-4721
Berks Security Lobby Desk Ext 5077 610-372-4721
Counseling Center Ext 6245 610-607-6245
Penn Hall Lobby Security Ext 5288 610-372-4721
Penn Hall Lobby Security 2 Ext 5276 610-372-4721
Schuylkill Lobby Security Ext 5750 610-372-4721
TTC Lobby Security Ext 5126 610-372-4721
Yocum Lobby Security Ext 5521 610-372-4721
Vice President for Student Affairs Ext 5298 610-372-4721
Shift Supervisor Ext. 5098  
Exterior yellow emergency call boxes located throughout the campus automatically dial 911

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Parking and Security

Parking Garage Entrance

Students may use the Student Lot A (along Franklin St. marked “RACC Parking”), Student Lot B (located at the Orange Car) and the parking garage. Additional student parking is also available on the surface lot behind the Gateway building at Second and Washington Street.

Students requiring handicapped parking will find spaces on all lots as well as along Front Street in front of Penn Hall.

For those students who desire an escort to their car, please contact Security at extension 6291.

Parking Permits

Parking Permit

Parking permits must be obtained within the first two weeks of the semester in the lobby of Penn Hall. Students should display their parking hang tag any time they are parked on campus or in the parking garage.

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Student Identification Cards

All students must obtain a STUDENT ID CARD.

Visit the Security Desk in Penn Hall during the first week of the semester. Hours are listed below.

Photo ID Security Desk
Day Time
Monday through Thursday 8:00AM - 8:00PM
Friday 8:00AM - 4:30PM
Saturday 10:00AM - 2:00 PM

REMEMBER - You must have your RACC student ID card or state ID in order to have your ID card updated or made. A student ID is required for all students. ID pictures are taken at the beginning of each semester at the security desk in Penn Hall. Students are required to show their student IDs to access the library, computer labs, testing center, fitness center, all events that are free to students, and other campus resources. Students must present their student ID to purchase books in the Bookstore.

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