Advantage Program

The Advantage Program is a federally funded Student Support Services Program providing services to low income students, first generation college students and students with disabilities, in order to help them succeed in college.

In the Advantage Program you will be assisted by your assigned Advantage Counselor in setting semester goals and required to attend several follow-up sessions with the counselor each semester. Our mission is to help Advantage students strive for excellence and to reach their goals.

Program Services

  • Counseling - academic, transfer, career and personal.
  • Cultural Opportunities – discounts or free tickets to performances or exhibits at places like the Miller Center for the Arts, Genesius Theater, Franklin Institute, Reading Public Museum, Sovereign Center, The GoggleWorks, IMAX Theater and Hawk Mountain.
  • Tutoring, including individual appointments, based/dependent on availability.
  • Transfer Trips to four-year colleges - free to Advantage students
  • Advantage Scholarship consideration for Pell Grant recipients.
  • Information on Advantage Scholarship and other scholarships (not all students are eligible for the Advantage Scholarship).
  • Financial planning.
  • Tuition-free College Success Strategies course during year of admission to the program.

Learn more about the Advantage Program services and activities in our 2016 Fall Newsletter.

Who is Eligible for Membership in Advantage?

If you can answer "yes" to some of the following questions, you may be eligible for the Advantage Program.

  • Are you a PELL grant recipient?
  • Are you currently enrolled or scheduled for placement in basic-level courses?
  • Have you been out of high school for more than five years?
  • Are you a GED recipient?
  • Are you a first generation college student (neither of your parents has a four-year college degree)?
  • Do you have a physical or learning disability?

Program Requirements of Students

Each Advantage Program student is required to meet with a caseload counselor/advisor to set goals for the fall and spring semesters. Students with less than 30 credits earned will be required to meet at least three times per semester to set the goals and to follow up on student progress toward those goals, as well as academic standing and other issues.

Each student must complete an online financial planning course that provides advice and explanations on sound financial and budgeting practices. Students must take the course to be eligible for Advantage services, including scholarship assistance. To take the course, go to and enter the access code, RACCSSS in the New Member field on the right of the home page. The course takes about an hour to complete.

Each student is expected to maintain a cordial demeanor toward others in and outside the Advantage Program.

Each student is expected to be motivated and striving to meet and keep a minimum of a 2.5 grade point average at RACC.

Students not complying with the above standards will not be eligible for all activities and benefits of the Advantage Program; and, at the discretion of the Advantage staff and/or Advantage Program Coordinator will be removed from the program.

Advantage Program Participation Survey.

Contact Nancy Purcell, Program Coordinator in Berks Hall, Room 221 or at 610-372-4721, ext. 5074 if you have questions about the Advantage Program.

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