AP, CLEP, and DANTES Exams

Students who satisfactorily complete AP, CLEP, or DANTES exams may request articulated credits by following these steps:

  1. Apply to the college.
  2. Provide official transcripts of your exam scores to RACC. Transcripts may be mailed, hand delivered, or sent via a recognized electronic transcript system. Mailed and hand delivered transcripts must be in a sealed envelope with an undisturbed signature over the seal. Electronic transcripts should be sent to admissions@racc.edu. Contact the Welcome Center 610-607-6224 to make an appointment with an enrollment services specialist.
  3. Review your program evaluation in WebAdvisor for complete information about how your credits have been articulated and how these credits apply to your program at RACC. You will receive notice in the mail once your credits have been evaluated.

RACC will generally award students articulated credit for AP exams passed with a 3 or higher. For AP exams not listed on this chart, elective credits will be awarded.

College Board 'AP' Tests RACC Equivalent Course
AP Biology BIO 150 and BIO 155
AP Calculus - AB MAT 220
AP Calculus - BC MAT 221
AP Chemistry CHE 150 and CHE 155
AP English Language with score of '3' Waives the Reading/Writing Placement Test
AP English Language with score of '4' or higher COM 121
AP English Literature and Composition with score of '4' or higher COM 131
AP European History HIS 125
AP Government and Politics - US Comparative POS 130
AP Physics - 1 PHY 240
AP Physics - 2 PHY 245
AP Physics - C (Mechanics) PHY 250
AP Physics - C (Electricity and Magnetism) PHY 255
AP Psychology PSY 130
AP Spanish Language and Culture SPA 101 and SPA 102
AP Statistics MAT 210
AP Studio Art 2D and 3D Not Accepted at RACC

RACC will generally award students articulated credit for CLEP exams when the current standard passing score has been achieved unless otherwise noted.

CLEP General Exams RACC Equivalent Course
Humanities HUM 293 Humanities Elective
College Mathematics MAT 030 Algebra I
Social Science/History SOC 293 and HIS 293 Electives
Natural Sciences BIO 294 and ENV 293 Electives

CLEP Subject Exams RACC Equivalent Course
College Composition Not Accepted at RACC
American Government POS 130 American Government
History of the U.S. I - to 1877 HIS 110 History of U.S. I
History of U.S. II - 1865 to Present HIS 115 History of U.S. II
Introduction to Education Psychology PSY 240 Educational Psychology
Introductory Psychology PSY 130 General Psychology
Human Growth and Development PSY 208 Development Across the Life Span
Principles of Macroeconomics BUS 200 Macroeconomics
Principles of Microeconomics BUS 201 Microeconomics
Western Civilization I - Ancient to 1648 HIS 120 Western Civilization/1600
Western Civilization II - 1684 to Present HIS 125 Western Civilization/1945
College French: Level I and II LAN 293/294 Foreign Language Elective
College Spanish: Level I and II SPA 101/102 (up to score of 63)
College Spanish: Level III and IV SPA 201/202 (score of 63-75)
College German: Level I and II GER 101/102 German I, II
American Literature ENG 241 and 245 American Literature I, II
Analyzing and Interpreting Literature ENG 293 English Elective
Calculus MAT 220 Calculus I
College Algebra MAT 160 College Algebra
College Algebra-Trigonometry MAT 180 Pre-Calculus
Biology BIO 294 Biology Elective (No Lab Credit)
Chemistry CHE 293 Chemistry Elective (No Lab Credit)
Principles of Management MGT 100 Principles of Management
Introductory Business Law BUS 230 Business Law
Principles of Marketing BUS 220 Principles of Marketing
Information Systems and Computer Application IFT 110 Microcomputers Application
English Literature ENG 293 English Elective
Introductory Sociology SOC 130 Sociology


DANTES/DSST RACC Equivalent Course
Environment and Humanity ENV 130
The Civil War and Reconstruction                              HIS 219
Principles of Statistics MAT 210
Fundamentals of College Algebra                             MAT 110
Principles of Finance                                                       ACC 210
Human Resource Management                                 MGT 200
Principles of Supervision MGT 210
Introduction to Business               BUS 100
Personal Finance ACC 100
Business Math BUS 110
Criminal Justice LAW 110