Transfer Credit

Transfer credit is credit awarded for courses completed at other colleges or universities. A minimum grade of C is required for articulation. Exceptions may be approved by the Assistant Dean of the student's program of study. To request articulation from another college or university, please follow these steps:

  1. Apply to the college.
  2. Provide official copies of your most recent transcript(s) from any previously attended college or university to RACC. Transcripts may be mailed, hand delivered, or sent via a recognized electronic transcript system. Mailed and hand delivered transcripts must be in a sealed envelope with an undisturbed signature over the seal. Electronic transcripts should be directed to Contact the Welcome Center 610-607-6224 to make an appointment with an enrollment services specialist.
  3. If courses you are requesting credit for have been previously evaluated by the College, the appropriate credit will be posted to your academic record. If requested courses have not been evaluated, or if the institution at which the courses were completed is not accredited by a recognized regional accreditation agency, you may be required to complete provide supporting documentation. Supporting documentation might include items like course syllabi and examples of completed academic assignments or activities. These materials may need to be reviewed by a designated faculty member before credit can be awarded. Submission of the Request for Articulation form does not guarantee articulation.
  4. Review your program evaluation in WebAdvisor for complete information about how your credits have been articulated and how these credits apply to your program at RACC. You will receive notice in the mail once your credits have been evaluated.

For information about RACC's participation in statewide credit articulation, please visit