Emergency Procedures

DO NOT USE THE ELEVATORS IN THE EVENT OF AN EMERGENCY. At the time of evacuation, you are to proceed to the nearest designated area and press the emergency assistance button on the wall. This area is different for each building on campus.

The designated areas are as follows:

Berks Hall

  • South stairwell outside balcony (front of building facing 2nd Street)
  • Center stairwell (located in middle of each floor)

Penn Hall

  • Main stairwells (next to elevators)

Student Union Building

  • Main and rear exits

Yocum Library

  • Main stairwell
  • Stairwells located in rear corners facing Schuylkill River

Emergency personnel will provide immediate evacuation of those individuals who have proceeded to the rescue assistance areas.

If you are a student with a mobility issue or documented seizure disorder, please contact  the Center for Academic Success at 610-607-6245 to schedule an appointment with Tomma Lee Furst to review the procedures or tour each building.