Student Services

Student ServicesThe Student Services area provides students with services and programs that support and organize their academic programs, contribute to their personal and career development, and help them learn and succeed here at RACC.

Student Support

RACC’s goal is to see all students reach their maximum potential for educational and personal growth. To reach that goal, the college offers several support programs and other services through the Center for Academic Success. Student support programs provided here include the Advantage Program, Disability Services, KEYS Program and Perkins Program, as well as other academic and career services.

Academic Services

RACC’s Academic Services start at the very beginning of your college career with placement testing to help determine proper classes for your enrollment, as well as the Assessment Center that evaluates any prior classes or life experience for how that relates to your education at RACC.

Students who begin at RACC knowing they want to transfer to a four-year college or university will find it beneficial to visit our Transfer Center soon after arrival in order to plan the most appropriate curriculum.

Other academic services designed to help you succeed include the Tutoring Center and Academic Advising.

Student Records