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  • Martha Graham Dance Company


    Saturday, February 28, at 7:30 PM

  • Miller Center for the Arts


    Reading Area Community College


Upcoming Events:

Martha Graham Dance Company

Saturday, February 28, at 7:30 PM

As the oldest and most celebrated modern dance company in America, the Martha Graham Dance Company created and still embodies a timeless and uniquely American style of dance that has influenced generations of artists and continues to captivate audiences worldwide. The pioneering choreographer and her dancers radically expanded dance's vocabulary of movement, rooting it in social, psychological, and sexual ideas, forever altering the scope of the artform. Myth and Transformation presents the Graham dances that illuminate the classic narratives with startling clarity.

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James Fuhrman Art Exhibit

An Influence of Martha Graham Beyond Dance

James Fuhrman - Lamentation Spiral

James Fuhrman
Lamentation Spiral
Concrete and stainless steel, 23 x 23 x 2 ½

Berman Museum of Art, Marks and Messages, 1992
And others

James Fuhrman - Graham Figure

James Fuhrman
From Graham Class 4
Ink on Paper, 7 x 11"

Berman Museum of Art, Marks and Messages, 1992
And others

James Fuhrman - Red 2

James Fuhrman
Red 2
Ink on Paper, 5 x 4"

Berman Museum of Art, Marks and Messages, 1992
And others

Pennsylvania-based artist, James Fuhrman, will be displaying his artwork in the Miller Center for the Arts for the Martha Graham Dance Company performance. The Miller Center will be opening early, 6:00pm, for patrons to view the exhibit.

Fuhrman states:

I am a sculptor involved in creating spaces… real and metaphoric …spaces for gathering…spaces that ask viewers—to pause—to make connections within themselves and with one another.
The forms of these spaces and shapes of their elements come directly from my studies of Graham technique after seeing a Graham performance in Philadelphia in the late 1979. Nearly 40 at the time my development as a dancer per se, was slow and tolerated by teachers.
Most importantly, I suddenly found myself with a Japanese brush and ink spreading calligraphic paintings across pages and pages reflecting the motion and emotion of the inner spiral driven movement. These Graham paintings emerged from the experiential, from a direct, primal interior sense …from "the doing of it".
My work became filled with intense, asymmetrical curve forms creating interior spaces of tension and release.
The intensive study of one's own body in motion would be salutary for any sculptor. But Graham technique, emphasizing the body's pelvic center of gravity and its relation to the floor/ground, spoke directly to Fuhrman. Martha Graham's work with primal human dramas was also in accord with his sensitivities.
--Miriam Seidel, Marks and Messages, 1992
The paintings, and the shapes within them, became the foundation for my work. The glyphs, pictogram-like marks, are three dimensional expressions of ;spaces-that-hold': public installations—dolmen-like sculptures—vessels. The human gesture is felt throughout. At one time, the gestural lines consist of contrasting bold strength and delicate feather-like touches.
This exhibition at Miller/RACC shares my indebtedness to Graham and her influence beyond the dance community with the Graham Company, the dancers, and with the community of "Graham-philes". Forty percent (40%) of proceeds from sale of works at RACC will be donated to the Graham Company by the artist.

To learn more about James and his artwork, visit his website at

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