Admissions FAQs

I'm interested in a short-term training program, not a college degree. Who should I talk to?

Not everyone who attends RACC is interested in college courses. We have many short-term programs that are designed to help you get the skills or training you need to improve your literacy, get a job in a new career, or move up in your current profession. The Welcome & Information Center can also help you decide if one of these programs is right for you.

I don't have a high school diploma or GED. Can I still enroll?

A high school diploma or GED is required for most, but not all, short-term training programs. A high school diploma or GED is not required to apply for a college credit program, although it may be required for admission into some selective programs. However, because a valid high school diploma or GED is required to receive financial aid, RACC strongly encourages all students to complete high school or a GED program prior to enrolling at RACC. A diploma will be consider valid if it was awarded by an institution recognized by ACT.

Where can I get help with the application process?

You can stop by the Welcome & Information Center — no appointment is necessary — to talk with a trained professional who can help you decide what kind of program is best for you.

What kind of program should I choose?

RACC offers short-term career training programs — some as short as 3 weeks long — in addition to college credit diploma, certificate, and associate degree programs that may take 1 or more years to complete. Enrollment coordinators can help you select a program that meets your individual educational and career needs.

What kind of student am I?

RACC uses the following definitions for students who enroll in college diploma, certificate or associate degree programs. When you complete the application, you will select the one that seems most accurate:

  • Degree-Seeking Student: students who are interested in beginning coursework toward an associate degree. Degree-seeking students may have begun their coursework at another college or university or may be starting college for the first time at RACC.
  • Early Admission: high school students who are academically ready for college and want to take college course work while they are still in high school. 
  • Non-Degree Student: students who wish to enroll at RACC for reasons other than earning a credential — professional development, personal interest, etc. (not eligible for Financial Aid).
  • Guest Student: students who wish to enroll at RACC for a specific set of courses while maintaining active enrollment at another college or university (Guest Students are usually not eligible for Financial Aid).
  • International Student: students entering or currently residing in the United States under an F-1 visa. 

How much is the application fee?

There is NO fee for applying to RACC.

If I am taking only one course must I complete an application?

Yes. The application provides us with the necessary information to establish a permanent record for you.

Do I have to be accepted to apply for Financial Aid?

No. The sooner you complete your financial aid paperwork, the better, especially if your application date is close to the start of the next semester. You can file your FAFSA as soon as you apply, even before we officially process your application.

Am I required to submit copies of transcripts?

If you are applying as an Early Admissions or degree candidate then you are required to submit an official copy of your high school or GED transcript and official copies of post-secondary colleges or universities you attended.

If you are applying as a non-degree candidate, transcripts are not required for admission purposes. However, if you attended a college or university, an "unofficial" copy should be brought with you at the time of registration. Guest students do not need to provide transcripts of any type.

How long will it take for my acceptance?

Because the college has an open admission policy for college credit programs, all students are accepted to the college once they have fully completed the application. You will receive an official acceptance letter within two weeks of receipt of your application unless your application was missing required information. Acceptance to selective programs of study such as Registered Nursing and Practical Nursing, are based on completion of application materials and review by a nursing selection committee.

I'm accepted! What's next?

If you’re a degree-seeking student (including International students), your next step is to take the placement test and then meet with an advisor and register for classes. Guest students and non-degree students do not have to complete the placement test.
Guest students can register for classes by completing the Guest Registration Form. Non-degree students can register for classes by completing the

How do I schedule my classes for my first semester?

Your first step after applying will be to take any required placement tests. After completing your placement tests, you will meet with an advisor to begin registering for classes. Click here to view Walk-in Advising hours. 

What do I need to bring with me on the day of the placement test?

You must bring a current legal photo I.D. with you. We will provide all other necessary materials.

What subjects does the placement test include?

The college credit placement test will test your Reading, Writing and Math skills. The Reading and Math portions of the placement test are untimed and conducted on the computer, while the writing portion of the placement test consists of a timed 30-minute handwritten essay.

How long does the placement test take?

Students generally spend about 2.5 hours on the test, but some students can take as long as 4 hours. Students unable to spend the required amount of time on the placement test may complete individual parts of the placement test on different Wednesdays when walk-in placement testing is being held.

How much does the placement test cost?

There is no charge for the college placement test.

Are retests permitted?

Retests are only permitted with permission from an advisor or Assistant Dean and are only granted in cases of extenuating circumstances.

I am a Guest student enrolled at another college. What do I need to provide in order to register?

After submitting an application, you will need to submit a completed Permission to Transfer form.

I've applied to RACC before. Do I need to apply again?

Applications are valid for 1 year. If you applied previously but did not earn any grades in the semester you applied for, you will need to submit a new application before you can register for classes again. If you earned grades in the semester you previously applied for and it's been over 1 year since that semester, you will need to submit a new application.

Will the course(s) I take at Reading Area Community College transfer?

Reading Area Community College is a fully accredited institution of higher learning. As a general rule, RACC credits do transfer. It is the responsibility of the student to check transferability and how courses may or may not fit into their future program of study or curriculum. If a course transfers but is not part of a student's program of study, the course may not count toward credits needed for graduation. To view Course Equivalency Guides and obtain more information on transfer out of RACC, visit Transfer Services.