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RACC clubs and organizations are designed to enhance your experience as a student. They are a great avenue to making friends, learning new skills and even look good on a résumé. New groups are always welcome.

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ContactJamica Andrews
Student Life Coordinator

Community Service Club - By engaging the RACC community through donation collection, the Community Service Club draws attention to issues in our larger local community in order to educate the public. This is put into motion through fundraising events to collect resources coupled with the power of conversations focusing on the issues in our community. These eyeopening acts build an empathetic and engaged community for RACC students and available resources for those in need.

Advisor: Margie Kerbel

Diversity Club - This club is open to all credit students attending Reading Area Community College who want to promote acceptance and sharing of diverse cultures, races, abilities, lifestyles, and viewpoints. The club especially welcomes international, English language learners, and LGBTQ+ students who are adjusting to college life.  Monthly meetings include a time for sharing ideas and talents. The club organizes the popular Annual International Festival in the spring and joins together in community service activities.

Advisor: Samantha Poulios
610-372-4721 ext. 5206

Drama Salon Club - The purpose of this club is to be to creatively collaborate to help restore reading through the thought-provoking, educational, and empowering nature of theater within the framework of this Constitution and bylaws and the rules, regulations, and policies of the College and the Board of Trustees.

Advisor: Ellen Walter

Environmental Club - The purpose of this organization is to disseminate information on pertinent environmental issues, engage in sustainable practices, and promote a cleaner, "greener" way of living on campus and in the community.  Operation Green culminates its year-long initiatives with an Earth Day event each year.

Contact: Kristie Hudzik
610-372-4721 ext. 6216

e-Sports - The eSports team at RACC provides a fun, social environment for the many video game players of all skill levels and interests at Reading Area Community College through organized meetings and events; and promote the growth of the eSports community and camaraderie between all gamers. 

Contact: Dave Hessen

LatinX Students Connected -  The purpose of this organization shall be to bring together the LatinX campus community in order to discuss campus resources and promote academic success. The overall goal of LSC is to curve the statistics of LatinX college students dropping out of school. 

Contact: Angelica Rojo-Monserrate
610-372-4721 ext. 5136

Legacy - Legacy is an award-winning journal produced by students of Reading Area Community College. Legacy’s goal is to serve as our school’s creative outlet and provide a showcase for the excellence achieved by our students. Through prose, poetry, artwork, and photography, Legacy reflects the diversity and richness within RACC’s campus. As it is entirely student-run, Legacy also provides an excellent opportunity for students who choose to serve on its team to gain hands-on publishing experience.

Contact: Dr. Bahar Diken
610-372-4721 ext. 5035

Muslim Student Association - The purpose of this organization shall be to bring comfort and knowledge to not just the Muslims on campus, but to people of all faith within the framework of this Constitution and bylaws and the rules, regulations, and policies of the College and the Board of Trustees.

Contact: Carmela Capellupo-Beaver

Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society (Alpha Sigma Rho Chapter) - Phi Theta Kappa, the honor society for two-year colleges, is foremost a recognition of academic achievement. The local chapter also provides members with many opportunities for scholarship, leadership, service and fellowship as an active club on campus. Membership can be beneficial in terms of a variety of scholarships, at the two-year school as well as future four-year colleges. Currently enrolled students are invited to join when they have completed at least twelve hours of associate degree coursework at RACC with a grade-point average of 3.60 or higher.

Contact: Danelle Bower
610-372-4721 ext. 5451 or
Dr. Donna Singleton
610-372-4721 ext. 5096

Student Government Association - The Student Government Association (SGA) of Reading Area Community College consists of a diverse group of students who are the voice of the student body. SGA works hard to ensure that your concerns and interests about campus life are met. Advocacy and campus life improvement are the main focus of SGA. They also sponsor the many of events on campus. All students with a minimum GPA of 2.0 are eligible to petition to become a senator of SGA after attending three consecutive meetings; completing a petition signed by twenty (20) currently enrolled RACC students; & obtaining a letter of recommendation from staff or faculty at RACC. All students, staff, and faculty are welcome to attend an SGA meeting and voice their concerns or suggestions. Only members of SGA will be able to vote on the issues raised.

ContactJamica Andrews
Student Life Coordinator

The RACC Christian Network - Regardless of where you are in your faith, the RACC Christian Network brings students together to share and encourage one another. Open to all current RACC students, our goal is to benefit the campus and community through service and outreach. We strive to provide a forum for Christians, to enhance Biblical knowledge through Bible study and prayer meetings; to share the Christian faith with those willing to listen and to create greater opportunities for student interaction outside the classroom.

Advisor: Jodi Greene